Lukas is looking for a Rental Property / Room in Zwolle

Lukas is looking for: A Rental Property / Room in Zwolle

  • Rental Property / Room
  • Min. 12 m2
  • Male
  • 20 Immediately

Currently studying for Bachelor's degree in social management (NPO-Management) searching for a room (Kamer) for rent as I want to study a semester abroad.

Really enjoying nature's beauty, being surrounded by like-minded individuals, and investigating the possibilities life is given us.

Somewhat of a Metal(core) head, passionate for Volleyball/Calisthenics, and a great (science) fiction fan of Walter Moers (esp. Rumo adventures in the dark).

Open for answering requests or just exchanging ideas worth spreading.

Stay safe and have a bright future.


General information: Lukas
  Male, 23 years old