Jennifer is looking for a Rental Property / Room in Zwolle

Jennifer is looking for: A Rental Property / Room in Zwolle

  • Rental Property / Room
  • Min. 10 m2
  • Female
  • 12 Immediately

Hi, my name is Jennifer and im currently looking for housing in Zwolle due to studies at Windesheim this fall (Aug-Jan). It has been difficult to find accommodation due to delays of different sorts and I've been reaching out to major housingwebsites (Pararius, SSH, etc) without success of finding housing. I would really appreciate any tips and advice and if anyone know if theres any room available (Within a price range of 400-450 € per month)? Most optimal would if it was relatively close to the university, thank you in advance!

Kind regards

General information: Jennifer
  Female, 33 years old
Type of tenant: Student
  translation.andersstudy year Information technology (University)